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“A Two-Way Process of Accommodation"

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Public Perceptions of Integration along the Migration-Mobility Continuum

Kesi Mahendran


Despite decades of policy and academic focus, integration remains a

contested and opaque concept. Yet in recent years with its promise of

social cohesion and shared citizenship, it has obtained a morally privileged

status in contrast to the political disenchantment now attached

to multiculturalism. This chapter presents a case study on public perceptions

of integration among migrants and nonmigrants in two cities

within the European Union, Edinburgh and Stockholm. Despite the

European Union’s guidance within its Common Basic Principles for the

Integration of Third-Country Nationals that “integration is a two-way

process of accommodation by all migrants and residents of member

states” (Council of the European Union 2004), there remains a stubborn

focus on individual migrant competencies such as language attainment,

employment, educational attainment, political participation, and

citizenship, which is at best a partial reading of the dimensions outlined

within the Brussels-led MIPEX initiative (Niessen et al. 2007). As a

result, integration debates are now influenced by a proliferation of management

information data, often coordinated by the EU.

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A Two-Way Process Of Accommodation
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